The Grammaticae, printed in Lisbon in 1552, presents 7 sets of alphabets and capitals. Its 231 images will show how subtle the differences were between alphabets.
This book is also not yet digitised. It is available at the Public Library of Porto.

Bibliographical description:
Author: Jerónimo Cardoso
Editor: not identified
Translator: not identified
Corrector: not identified
Short Title: Grammaticae introductiones breviores et lucidores
Place of Print: Lisbon
Printer/s: [João de Barreira]
Publisher: not identified
Date of Print: 1552
Ownership Marks: non existant
List of Contents: Frontispiece 1r + Authorization ?? + Dedications A(v)/Aij/Aij(v) +
Prima Nominis Declinatio Aiij
Colophon: non existent
Paper: Very thin
Page Size: 8º - cut to 85x130mm
Column Area: very small margins
Printing Area: Dedication: roman 27 lines of text | Other: italic title + 22 lines of text
Quires: 10 - 8 folios - with numbered pages on recto and verso
Signatures: A Aij Aiij Aiiij - K ends on page 158v (+ 1 white sheet)
Guide Letters: non existant
Woodcuts: Yes / borders and illustration on frontispiece
Copperplates: non existant
Illustrations: non existant
Printing Color: Black
Catchwords: Yes / Rare
Marginalia: Yes / manuscripted + underlined text
Interlinear Glosses: Yes / manuscripted
Language/s: Latin + Portuguese
Typefaces: Italic + Roman
Indentation: 5 - 7 mm
Editions: 1552 / under the title Institutiones in Latinam Linguam Breviores, et Lucidiores: 1557 / 1562 / 1566
Location of Copies: 1552 BPMP - X1-3-43 / 1557 Lost / 1562 Biblioteca de Évora - RES 8 / 1566 Beinecke Library Gk4 547Cc
Italic Alphabet 1# 12pt
Italic Alphabet 2# 12pt
Italic Alphabet 14pt
Roman Alphabet 12pt
Roman Alphabet 16pt
Roman Capitals 24pt
Roman Capital 72pt

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