The collection of sets of alphabets of the Dictionarium latino lusitanicum & vice versa lusitanico latinu[m] is our largest collection so far. 390 images of roman, italic and greek alphabets, a significant variety of illustrated capitals and more! It is available at
Bibliographical description:
Author: Jerónimo Cardoso & Sebastião Stockamer
Editor: Sebastião Stockamer
Translator: non applicable
Corrector: Sebastião Stockamer
Short Title: Dictionarium latino lusitanicum & vice versa lusitanico latinum
Place of Print: Coimbra
Printer/s: João de Barreira
Publisher: not identified
Date of Print: 1569/70
Ownership Marks: On Res 211 - Leite de Vasconcelos Ex-libris / on R-12-13A Carmelitas Descalços de Coimbra (manuscript)
List of Contents: Frontispiece 1r / Authorization 1v / Privilege 2r / Dedication 3r / Dictionarium 5r / Breve dictionarium / Elegy / De monetis / Colophon / Frontispiece: Dictionarium aliud
Colophon: Conimbricae Apud Ioannem Barrerium septimus idus iulii MDLXIX
Paper: Very irregular thickness
Page Size: 4º - 145 x 195 mm
Column Area: 59 x 164 mm
Printing Area: 123 x 170 mm / 41 lines of text
Quires: 54
Signatures: A - Z / Aa - Kk / AA - MM / A - G (numbering mistakes and pages
out of place - not happening on every copy) De Monetis is not numbered
Guide Letters: non existant
Woodcuts: Illustrated capitulars
Copperplates: non existant
Illustrations: non existant
Printing Color: Black
Catchwords: Yes
Marginalia: Yes / manuscripted
Interlinear Glosses: No
Language/s: Latin + Portuguese
Type/s: Roman + Italic
Indentation: 5mm
Editions: 12 - from 1569/70 to 1694
Location of Copies: (before 1600) BGUC - R-12-13 + R-12-13A + R-12-13B / BPMP - RES-XVI-A-0160 / BFLUL - RES 211 + RES 221 / BNP - RES 2950 V + 1617 P + 1618 P / BE - RES 164
Assorted signs
Greek Alphabet 10pt
Illustrated Capitals
Italic Alphabet 16pt
Italic Alphabet 20pt
Numerals 16pt
Roman Alphabet 1# 16pt
Roman Alphabet 2# 16pt
Roman Alphabet 8pt
Roman Alphabet 10pt
Roman Alphabet 20pt
Roman Capitals 36pt

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